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Stylish Designs of Metal Smoking Pipes

Metal pipes are common as they are popular choices amongst smokers. Moreover, metal is a very common material used for tobacco pipes. There are many types of metal pipes with metal one hitters being a strong favorite amongst pipe smokers.

Forms and Functionality

Metal smoking pipes come in a variety of designs and styles while being very functional. They usually have an aluminum stem and shank which functions as a heat sink that absorbs and dissipates heat. Their mouthpieces can be of rubber, vulcanite or Lucite material; the bowls are usually removable with a screen.

Metal pipes allow the smokers to experience a different sensation and characteristics from the plastic or glass types.
There may be a dedicated bowl for the different types of tobaccos.

The metal smoking pipes may have a sliding snuff cover similar to wooden pipes depending on the design and style. There are cover screws attached to ensure easy travel and snuffing out. Some metal pipes’ snuff covers may have a tiny hole for the smoke throughput which allows a good puff during windy days.


There are long and short metal pipes in an assortment of designs in various colors. A popular metal smoking pipe is the Rose Bowl that is attractive with a rose sheath sewn on the back. It has a lid to hold the tobacco in place with a hole for easy lighting and snuffing out without a physical removal. Metal smoking pipes can be stylish like the 3 inch beaded metal pipe. This pipe is made of durable stainless steel. It is stylish with brightly colored beads spiraling around the pipe to its aluminum chamber which is resistant to heat. This stylish pipe has a front carburetor and easy removable pieces meant for easy chamber clearing.

Funky Fimo metal pipes are classic smoking pipes. These funky metal fimo pipes come in a variety of colorful beads that form lovely designs on the pipes. A heat resistant center is incorporated for comfortable puffing. This stylish beaded metal pipe usually comes with four screens.

Another popular metal pipe is the mushroom smoking pipe which looks similar to a long mushroom; it can be hung on a key chain for a stylish look but it can also be folded into 4 inches conveniently to be discreet looking. An added feature is a carburetor when the pipe is extended.

More and more consumers are purchasing the different designs of metal smoking pipes as a collection than for smoking purposes.

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Flexible Metal One Hitters Smoking Pipes

There are many types of smoking pipes in the market; one of them is the popular metal one hitter choice which comes in a variety of shapes and designs to suit the needs and preferences of the smoking consumers.


Smoking pipes have come a long way since its introduction in medieval times. Although there has been many anti-smoking campaigns in the past and present, society in all epochs have come to terms with the activity; thus, acceptance of smoking pipes came easily with more research and better understanding of the practice.

Smoking a pipe is considered a fine art with Pope Benedict issuing an edict that exempts tobacco smokers of sinning in 1794. Snuffing became a rage in Europe when more pipe designs and styles were created. In the past eras such as the Victorian times, pipe smoking was accepted as a social pastime as well as a personal practice.

Pipe smoking today is growing more popular as it gains a wider social acceptance than cigar or cigarette smoking especially with the myriad of smoking pipe options.

Short and long one-hitters

The short one-hitter pipe is made of metal resembling a cigarette but comes with a classic bat for a standard short dugout. This is a great piece to take along during any travels as it is small and portable. The long one-hitters function similarly to the short one-hitter pipes except that it has a long dugout for a longer smoke. These one hitter smoking pipes are preferred for convenience and short snuffs.

Metal pipes

One hitter pipes can be made of metal which may not be very common material for tobacco pipes. Metal one-hitter pipes are growing popular due to their functionality and simplicity. It usually comes in one stem and shank that is made from aluminum or fimo. This piece functions as a heat sink to take in the heat quickly before dissipating it.

Metal one-hitter pipes can have mouthpieces made of rubber, vulcanite or Lucite materials. These are simple smoking pipes that allow the user a greater convenience when it comes to a quick snuff. One hitter pipes may differ from other typical metal smoking pipes which come with a bowl and cover that allows users to pack it up for travel and enjoy their puff easily any time.

Some metal pipes have snuff covers over their bowls to allow a good snuff even on windy days.

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Stylish Glass Bats for Smokers or Collectors

Smoking is becoming more a hobby than an addiction with the varied stylish glass bats in the market. More and more creative designs of glass bats are being offered in the market by many established and skilled pipe manufacturers.

There is a myriad of tobacco bat or pipe manufacturers in the market today with many offering their wares on the Internet. There is always a huge selection of pipes for the smoker; however, with the many stylish designs especially from glass materials, there are more glass bat collectors than smokers.

One can make a pipe purchase from any established pipe retail store or through their online sites. Bulk orders can be made through the pipe distributor or manufacturer on a business venture basis. Regular supplies of smoking pipes can be delivered by the manufacturer or supplier within the country.

Consumers can make email orders or catalogue orders and have their shipment delivered. Sometimes, discounts are offered on various smoking pipes depending on the season and other factors.


Glass smoking pipes are a strong favorite with smokers and collectors. They can be as small as 3 ½ inch long or 7 inches long in a variety of design and styles. Glass bats are usually hand blown using Pyrex glass for durability. These are thick quality glass with unique and colorful chillums.

They make an excellent gift to smokers at an affordable price. Most glass pipes are pocket size to allow easy and convenient portability; they would fit the pocket without breaking easily even if it is not in a box.

Special bats

here are many special bats made of glass that are extra special due to their design more than function. The Glass Turtle bat is only 3 ½ inches long with a cute little turtle with big bug eyes and spotted shell of various colors. The turtle’s mouth functions as the bowl. This smoking glass piece is steady on any flat surface.

Another special glass bat is the Puffer Fish pipe that is 3 inches long. It sports a river stone shape that allows easy portability. It is hand blown from Pyrex glass to give durability. Its electric eel design with an ergonomic form makes this smoking glass piece an interesting entity with no spillage.

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Development of Stylish Glass Bubblers

Many archaeologists and historians claim that the smoking pipes were first found around Yorkshire, U.K. with others excavated during 17th century. These later finds were tiny; hence, they were called “elfin pipes”. Pipes were purportedly used in religious and spiritual rituals as far back as the 15th century. In the past, various cultures used different herbs which later were made into tobacco. Tobacco was found to be a medicinal herb where the inhaled smoke is purportedly good for the lungs.

Modern pipes

As civilization progressed, smoking pipes took on more delightful shapes and designs. There are long and short dugout pipes, wooden pipes and metal pipes. Glass bubblers came on the scene with good glass materials like Pyrex glass which make the smoking pipe more durable and stylish.

Stylish shapes

Glass bubblers are attractive with the many shapes and designs that make each a unique piece. There is the wavy glass fifkas which are V-shaped with a wavy stem. These function as a one hitter glass pipe or a holder for rolled tobacco. They are only 4 ½ inches long with colorful waves along its stem to give it a distinct look.

The glass Golden Unicorn bubbler is gold-fumed on the inside out. This hammer-shaped glass bubbler is only 7 inches long with an attractive unicorn design that is pleasing to the eye. The Monkey glass bubbler is an American blown glass smoking piece. It has a distinctive glass piece and a large bead-shaped mouthpiece. It is only 6 inches long. The Rasta glass bubbler pipe is the live wire at any party with the variety of deep rich colors and unique shapes. This glass bubbler pipe has a most unique mouthpiece in the shape of a donut. This 6 inch glass bubbler is made of quality Pyrex glass.

Another special glass bubbler pipe is the 5 inch small Monkey glass pipe which has an interesting beadlike mouthpiece that looks like a snowflake. The Zig-Zag glass bubbler sports colorful zig-zag designs that present a unique attractiveness. The smoking session can be a fun and delightful activity with the unique and distinctive 7-inch Zig-Zag bubbler which is made of durable hammer-shaped inside out Pyrex glass that can sit upright by itself.

Another stylish glass bubbler is the Sherlock glass pipe that is most unique. Each of the Sherlock smoking pipes is blown individually for a unique and sturdy inside out structure.

here may be discounts and special offerings for glass bubblers at different seasons.

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